GM Drum Notation

• Sep 28, 2020 - 16:38

So I have a sound in the drum kit, but the way it's mapped, it is in the same place as another sound Going off of this pic, the sounds would be Hi-Q and Square click, or the record scratch and the bell tree. Is there a .drm file that has EVERY GM sound mapped so I can just change the position?

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.Cara_.mscz, 32.03 KB


I think you're looking for a way to edit the Drumset Input Mode so you get to edit and add options to cover all the available sounds. Go to the staff and select "Edit Drumset" during note input mode and you should be able to edit and add noteheads from there...might be a pain but if you use the instrument enough you can save the drumset as a preset and import it for future use.

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