score to exported pdf file and BACK TO SCORE

• Sep 28, 2020 - 03:24

Can a score, exported to a PDF file, be converted back to a working "score file" that can be modified and "played" to hear it in MuseScore. I am taking a course in which scores are sent to me in PDF format for modification. It would save a huge amount of time if i could put the PDF score back into a MuseScore working file for modification.


Simple scores have a chance of being imported from PDF to MuseScore format using File->Import PDF... I can't tell you what is considered simple because the import utility sometimes doesn't import things I expect it to and sometimes surprises me with what it will import. It always has trouble with triplets and other tuplets and multiple voices on a piano or guitar part.

If you import the score and there are a bunch of invisible rests in the score, it's usually easier to enter the score by hand than to fix it.

If you don't know how to use MuseScore you are better off learning how to use the program than to try to import a PDF and fix it. Once you know how to use the program you will have the knowledge necessary to decide if you can fix an imported score as well as the skills to fix it.

You use the word "back" here - does that it mean it was a MuseScore file (MSCZor MSCX) to begin with? If so, it would be infinitely better if you could get the file sent your in that format. Or MusicXML, or even as a second-to-last resort, MIDI. By way of analogy, MSCZ would be like someone sending you a cake for you to eat, MusicXML would be like them sending you all the ingredients and a clear recipe to follow, MIDI would be like someone sending you a link to a YouTube video explaining how to bake a cake, and PDF is like sending a photograph of the cake.

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