Getting the correct sound for an downloaded arrangement - mainly for the drum channel

• Sep 26, 2020 - 08:36

I get along with Musescore quite well. Whenever I get a problem, chances are good for finding an answer in this forum and if not, there is always someone who is patiently willing to answer. There is one thing I do not know how to search for in the postings. When I download a score from I often run into the situation that it will sound quite different from what I hear when I listen to it online. I am aware that in some cases it may just be a live recording that is synchronized to the score. This case is clear. All other differences should mostly be due to different sound fonts or even only the sequence in which they are loaded. So I might not even have the soundfont the original publisher had used.
Is there a best practice to come close or even enhance the sound? In some cases woodwinds are played by a piano when I load the score to my Musescore instance. I always have the hq version of the original Musescore soundfont loaded among with a some piano soundfont and some brass. Is it best to delete them from the synthesizer menu when listening to downloaded arrangements? This is one thing I frequently have to deal with, but not a real problem. I can search an appropriate sound for each instrument, but likely this will disturb the original velocity balance, if the instruments do not come from one single soundfont. But there is one thing that I’m not yet able to handle. Whenever it comes to drums, I am lost. I often run into the situation that the association to the original sound gets lost and all percussion sounds rhythmically correct but awkward. From the context menu of drums I can choose from a confusingly high number of drum sets. I currently cannot read drum notation so normally I mute the drum channel for playback when I hear the described effect. Is there a smart advice for me how to handle these situations better?


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