12/8 bar to 4/4 with triplets

• Sep 24, 2020 - 09:21

Is there a way in MuseScore 3 to change a score written in 12/8 bar into 4/4 with triplets?


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To do it manually, make a measure of 4 dotted 1/4 notes and change them to duplets so you get 2 8th rests. This is easier to work with since you can copy and paste more. You can make the entire measure a single duplet by selecting the measure rest and pressing ctrl+2, this make is easier for rhythms like dotted 1/2 notes.

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12/8 to 4/4 with triplets makes sense as long as the music has that 3 feel to it. I'm just wondering how to write in 4/4, a 12/8 measure where the 8th notes are grouped in twos rather than 3s. As a conductor I would probably direct 12/8 in four. And a 2 feel ( 12 8th notes grouped in 2s, rather than 3s) measure I would direct in 6.
I'm just what kind tuplets would make that work in 4/4.

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To write a 12/8 measure with 2 8th notes beamed you would have to adjust the beaming. If it had a 12/8 time signature it would be easy to right click the time signature, choose Time Signature Properties and change the beaming. If you had a 4/4 measure with pseudo 12/8 time (using triplets) you would need to manually adjust each beam that's wrong.

To make sure there's no doubt, to make the pseudo 12/8 measure you would need to turn the 4/4 measure to 4 1/4 rests and turn each (or all at once) to triplets. The default would be groups of 3 or 6 depending on how you have your 8th notes grouped in 4/4.

IMHO, your 12/8 with groups of 2 should be written in 6/4. I'm working on a score with a similar situation already at https://musescore.com/user/6105546/scores/6358579. It should be freed up for download before too long.

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