8-Bits soundfont add

• Aug 27, 2014 - 16:57

So I had been thinking the last few days while working on my compositions, how cool it would be to create some good old 8-bits music. I think it would be a nice add to the already amazing experience I have with musescore. I don't know if it already exist somewhere on the net, but if so I didn't found it yet so i'll propose it there as I did on your facebook page (that told me to say it there). Thx!


8 bits :)

Hehe you must be really into grunge :)

I suspect there won't be a lot out there - bear in mind that 16bit audio has been the norm since halfway through the 1980's, which was actually before Soundblasters were invented :)

You could always downsample some audio and make your own though :)

Try Famitracker, it is really authentic (but hard to learn).


Also, you can use Famitracker to export .wav clips of a few notes (like a second long each) and then use a soundfont editor http://musescore.org/node/13734 to loop them and map them to a .sf2 .

Making 8-bit music in Famitracker is pretty natural once you learn what you're doing. Also, I think there are websites that turn MIDI files into 8-bit audio (but it's not as authentic!).

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Ah I understand now :)

The stuff we were doing in the 80's :)

If you really want to be authentic, the thing would be to run MS or PCDOS 6 in a virtual machine and use the actual software we were using then.

I might even have some kicking around somewhere.

Unfortunately we all grew up and started using MIDI :)

ISTR that the Commodore Amiga was the machine at the leading edge of soundtracker stuff, mainly because it had a 4 channel sound chip, so if you could get a virtual machine running that OS you could be even more authentic :)

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