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• Sep 18, 2020 - 09:47
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Hi ,
my full name is Dominique Verrière and i'm a youtuber (

I was writing a scenario for the functionality 'Real time input ' with MIDI Keyboard
and i had problems wich stopped me to publish.
The most serious is that i had several MuseScore crash debug.
I had also a Windows crash (i m and old developer and i dint see it for a long time) : i noticed that MS hangs during the Windows reboot in the event viewer.

In terms of functionalities : the advance touch is not operationnal. I mapped it to one key of the touchpad.
Nota : i did it for several keys (notes duration, back) and it works perfectly.
I noticed too that the precision of intput (eg number of notes well interpreted) is better when i disable the playing note during edition.

My hardware configuration :
Midi keyboard AKAI MPK249 USB midi interface
Pc : Core I7, 16Go ram, 1.2To SSD (my ancient developer workstation)

My sentiment is that the asynchronous aspect of the functionality is not always implemented (the MIDI input works well in classical note input)
As im retired of my job, i can help for testing and documentation translation (i have done this during years form US courses to French ones)

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In order to investigate this or any other bug report we generally need a sample score and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Hi than you for your answer,
i made some more investigations and can understand where the problem is :

All come from the dialog box Preferences-->Note input and mapping keys for Midi control.
Each crash comes from this dialog box.
So the story is :
On my numeric MIDI keyboard i have 16 key pad, all of them have a pre setup with notes.
As they were in conflict with the piano keyboard notes, i reconfigred the pad to other notes. And the problem seems to be there : there are some notes like F-1 (i took notes in the lower because my keyboard begins in C2) wich seems to be not well managed by MuseScore.
Now with these notes :
D0, D#0, E0,F0
every thing works as announced.

So the last question is what are the notes not allowed in the setup ?
If any could the program ignore/reject these notes ? For instance from C0 to C8 ?

I tried to reproduce the crash during mapping midi events.
I tested these notes : From C_-1 to C2 and everything was ok
so i propose you to close (definitly i hope) the 310622 request.