Insert flat and sharp symbols into Staff Text?

• Sep 16, 2020 - 15:29

Is there a way to insert flat and sharp symbols into Staff Text (used for guitar chords)?


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There are no chords symbols of any type (Chord, Nashville, RNA...) in the palettes. All of the text types in the palette do not automatically format according to context. Chord types also have the ability to add chords to several notes without having to choose add chord to each note where you want one. The text types in the palette require an item be added individually.

Ctrl+K is the shortcut for chord symbols, or Add / Text / Chord Symbols as mentioned. It's not in the palette only because chord symbols are very special, they aren't plain text but are parsed into a more abstract form to do clever things like recognize the roots and alternate bass notes for transposition, to turn "b" and "#" into flat and sharp where appropriate, to do optional automatic superscripting, and now to also playback. This is basically what makes them incompatible with how the palette works by default.

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Even though it is a bit unique, it would be nice to put the chord symbols menu selection in both places.

To me, some of the chord symbols are text, with a different format (in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint --- "Lucida Sans Unicode" "Unicode (hex)" "Miscellaneous Symbols" --- and --- "Opus Chords").

However, I trust your judgement! Thanks!

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