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I'm a newbie and learning musescore. created a simple 8 measure template for cello. Want to add composer to Title Field. How do I do that? The word "composer" that I can edit is NOT there as it is in first tutorial video. I need to ADD composer with nothing in that spot to start.


Hi Abraham,

I'm new to MuseScore as well I don't know this feature worked in prior releases.

But in 3.5 use the menu: Add>Text>Composer


To be clear, the word "Composer" is there in the default empty score that displays when you startup MuseScore, but indeed it is not displayed when you create new scores. Instead, you simply type the actual composer info into the box when prompted in the first page of the wizard that appears when you create your score. Or, if you forget to add it then, you can use the Add / Text / Composer from the main menu or the corresponding menu item when you right-click the title frame.

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If you want to see

L.V. Beethoven
arr. neevacii

in the composer's place of the title frame copy this text (with the return entered) from anywhere else (including a staff text or notepad) and paste it into the Composer field when you create the score and it will show this. I'm not sure how it will work if you edit only one name or the other the next time you create a score, you will have to test that.

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There is a very beautiful full-length Baroque C Minor Miserere sometimes attributed to "Pergolesi?" that seems to be the work of a Baroque Italian composer named "Leonardo Vinci". Poor SOB's mother never envisioned Google. He should have been sobriqueted non da, like Clemens non Papa, or Smokey "non ursus" Robinson of the Miracles.

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