Play notes without note input

• Sep 15, 2020 - 14:13

I'm trying to play notes either from a midi device or the virtual keyboard without entering note input mode. Is this already a feauture? To be clear, I'm not talking about the midi toggle button but using the midi keyboard with the musescore synth without inputting any notes.


You know that of course, but just to be complete: "by-pass" is to give focus to a dummy score that you won't save before using the midi keyboard

Just trying to do the same thing - am I right in thinking that it is impossible to play the virtual keyboard without being in note entry mode? Surely not?? That is really rather annoying!

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so there's no way of monitoring the instrument sound, playing a few notes along with the score without writing? That in my opinion is a serious flaw! I cannot think of any other application in music that behaves in this way. I'm truly shocked! It surely is the simplest thing to pass the data through to the instrument without writing to the score?

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Great for you Jojo if you know exactly what you want to write every time you sit in front of the screen - but I don't I'm afraid!

The ability to "noodle around" to improvise a part before writing is essential to my way of working. As is playing through a few ideas on the keyboard whilst not playing the score, trying out a pattern or shape, or a harmony / chord etc. Having a mute keyboard in front of me seems absurd! And if I'm working on a cello part, I'd like to hear a cello when I improvise - my midi keyboard is not a synth and has no sounds. So the only workaround is to load another program to hear things in real time? Or record and undo every time? I do hope this is addressed in Version 4. At the moment I'm using MS for the unlimited staves and instruments from scores started in Dorico Elements. I cannot see me creating a score from scratch with such ease in MS if this is the default. But yes, each to his or her own and I guess most MS users haven't needed this feature or they'd be screaming about it! Must be me that's weird!

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That is a very un-productive - or at least limiting - way to work. What a complete waste of time. Supposing you had 16 bars you were trying to sketch out a horn part to, and you put it in loop and played along until you felt you'd got the right shapes. What? Record everything and undo everything every 16 bars? Pointless.
Imagine I sat down to write playing my guitar, but could only hear it when I pressed record on the tape deck...

Absurd. Sorry to be so flabbergasted by this lack of basic musical functionality, I really am very surprised.

Maybe I'm missing something, but this should work just fine. Open a score - any score - and then open the piano keyboard Click a key, it plays, whether in note input mode or not. Same for MIDI. Are you saying it doesn't for you? It should use the sound of whatever staff is currently selected, or the topmost staff if nothing is selected.

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So there's definitely a bug or something odd here - I had not connected a midi keyboard, and the virtual piano would not play (I was on my laptop out and about as I often am so not always access to a keyboard.)

After reading your post I thought I'd plug in a midi keyboard - and voila, sound appeared, both from the midi keys and the virtual one.

Here's the thing though, when I disconnected the midi keyboard the virtual still played - BUT - if I then closed the program and re-started it without the midi keyboard attached, the virtual keyboard doesn't work.

So, glad that it works with the external keys, but would like to be able to use it with virtual keys when traveling light - any suggestions?

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