editing the default palette

• Sep 14, 2020 - 18:17

is it possible to edit the default palette and save the edited default so the edited palette appears when I open Muse Score

I want the palette to show the bass Clef and set for the violincello in playback


Your question is confusing. Palettes are not instrument specific. Can you explain the process of what you're trying to do and attach a score if it will help?

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i created a simple first practice score. Because I am a cellist, I changed to a C clef.
when i was done, I wanted to hear the playback on a cello. I was able to change the playback instrument from piano to violincello. What I am wondering is can I make changes so that when I open to create a new score, it will already show the C clef and be set to performt the playback on the violincello. is that clearer?

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Absolutely clearer.

You need to save an empty score with the C clef in the folder pointed to at the menu item Edit->Preferences under the General tab in the field labelled Templates: You can copy this link into the save as pop up window to navigate there. Once you save your blank score in this folder, when you create a score using the New Score wizard, it will be listed under the Custom Templates.

See also https://musescore.org/en/handbook/create-new-score#user-templates-folder

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