I cannot update my scores

• Sep 14, 2020 - 15:47

The update score feature no longer works on the website. It suddenly stopped working a few months ago. Before that, I have used it for many years with no problem.

When you try to update, it never loads the file, and if you try to save it just spins.

The ability to upload a new score still works, so there is no problem with my scores or my internet connection.

I could use the "save online" feature of the notation software, but that feature only "recognizes" scores that were originally saved using that software. You cannot update a score that was originally saved using the website.

So I am stuck. I can't update my scores. Does anyone have any advice?

I have talked to customer service, but they seem convinced that the problem is just my ignorance, not their software. And that would be great, if it were true. So please, someone tell me what I am being dumb about.


If you used the website to upload a score, the link to the website is not in the score on your computer. If you uploaded a score in previous versions, the link to the web version is only in your saved score if you saved it after you uploaded the score. In version 3.5 it seems this save is now automatic to help with situations like this.

To fix this problem. Open the score on musescore.com and copy the link address (ctrl+c). Open the score in the program, use the menu File->Score properties and paste the link in the "Source" field (ctrl+v). MuseScore now know where to find the score online when you use the Save online option.

The response on musescore.com was essentially correct but they know what I just explained and should have explained it to you there.

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This worked. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this. It is obvious once you see it, but I didn't know where the path was stored in the notation software.

There is still a bug that prevents updating from the website, but I can use this to work around it, so it is no problem.

Again, I really appreciate the help.

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