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• Sep 13, 2020 - 12:35

This might not be a bug... But I have this chord and I want to paste it in the next measure without ruining the other empty parts...
But then happens THAT:
You can clearly see in the first screenshot that the rests on the empty staves are copied and then"pasted" and that causes all that "traffic of rests" which I don't want. So then I have to select every empty measure and press "delete" to make them have 1 rest, like in the first picture. Any way to avoid that?

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You can only copy and paste continuous groups of notes with nothing between them either horizontal or vertical. So if you want to copy the entire first beat of a measure in every instrument that has one you either have to do as you did and fix measure rests or copy consecutive instruments with notes only and do this in a few steps rather than one.

In your specific example, you could simply copy the entire measures and get the results you want but if there were notes later in any instrument that would not work.

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This isn't really a MuseScore problem MuseScore is putting the rests in the way the import tool tells it to. They are necessary to make the wrong measures line up properly. There is no algorithm you can come up with that says the invisible rest being deleted should shorten a specific note because audiveris puts them all over the place. Audiveris is hosted at https://github.com/Audiveris. I don't use this, but my understanding is there is a more current version there (so it probably does a little better) and you can discuss issues with it there.

Normally copying and pasting an empty measure into an empty measure should result in an empty measure. In order to understand why it isn't in your particular example, we would need you to attach the score and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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That's very different. Delete deletes everything in the selection, so you'd have to be careful to only select the empty measures. Ctrl+Shift+Delete only affects empty measures, so you can safely select your entire score and press that to automatically clean up any measures that have nothing but rests in them, turning them into full measure rests.

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