Saxophone (Alto) Tablatures

• Sep 11, 2020 - 20:53

Is there a plugin that will print out the tablature for an Alto Saxophone that workers with Musescore 3.x?


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and also, the font is very VERY VERY VERY ugly.

there is no support for polyphonics (or are they called mutliphonics in english too?)
There is also no support for alternate fingerings. You'll have to add them manually. See the readme in the fonts directory.

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ok, I had messed up my transposition thing.
Here's the corrected version:
You should be able to download any file in that directory by clicking on it, clicking view raw, and then pressing ctrl+s (cmd+s on mac).

It also looks like you have installed the wrong font. In the archive I sent earlier, you should only have to install the euro version of the font.

Tell me if you encounter any problem.

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This is fantastic!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
Is it possible to do for Clarinet and Flute too? Maybe with some help I could do it on my own?
I have no experience with qml & plugins so far.
I work with music classes and it's so nice to help the pupils from time to time with the fingerings over the notation. The sax-fingering looks very nice and works perfectly!

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glad you like it! I'll have a look at making clarint and flute plugins. I won't have time for this this week though, as I have many exams coming.
However, in the meantime, do you have a good example of a good-looking flute or clarinet tablature diagram? I'll try to reproduce them in a similar font.

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Hola Marr11317,
Muchísimas gracias por tus aportes a la comunidad
Por favor, puedes comentar a la comunidad de “no programadores” cual es el archivo correcto que tenemos que descargar en el repositorio. Es que son completamente distintos, y los usuarios que desconocemos de programación, pues no nos enteramos de nada.
¿Por qué ese error insistente de “This plugin needs the Saxy…” cuando la fuente Saxy.fft está instalada correctamente? Por qué las fuentes están en una carpeta “redist” y no “fonts”.

Estamos todos literalmente muy frustrados

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Thank you very much for your contributions to the community
Please, you can comment to the community of 'non-programmers' which is the correct file that we have to download in the repository. It is that they are completely different, and the users that we do not know about programming, because we do not find out anything.
Why that nagging 'This plugin needs the Saxy ...' error when the Saxy.fft font is installed correctly? Why the fonts are in a 'redist' folder and not 'fonts'.

We are all literally very frustrated

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Hola, pardoname por no responder mas pronto, estaba de vacaciones...
El problemo estaba en el code. Yo le he corrigido ahora.
Si encontra usted otro problemos, porfavor dime lo, asi podré corrigir lo.
y pardona mi castellano, tambien dime lo si estaria mejor en ingles para usted.

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I am using Windows 10 Pro with OS Build 19042.685. I put the Saxy.ttf font and the alto_sax_fingerings.qml in my C:\Users\Steven\Documents\MuseScore3\Plugins folder (Do not remove them from that directory. If you do you will need to reinstall both of them). Also, make sure that I installed the font to All Users. The installed Saxy.ttf shows up in C:\ Windows/Fonts.
As far as I know, that is the way you install fonts and setup the .qml file. I have not received a reply from anyone giving advice or comments.

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Sorry, I just fixed the problem. An older version of the plugin used the font Fiati for the diagrams, and when switching I forgot to change the check to use Saxy instead. So Saxy was used to render the diagrams, but it was saxy that was checked whether it was installed.

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Thank you very much Marr11317,

Your work as programmers is fundamental, ours as users is to support them as much as possible. I show you four images of the operation of the plugin for the four base saxophones.

Thank you very much again, happy Christmas holidays and a happy new year 2021!
Success and forward that we will support you, and we will contribute.
a greeting

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I try to make run you plugin but nothing appear.
I am on linux debian 11 and the fonts are installed.
If i run musescore on a terminal i have:
qml: 0 - 0 - 1920
qml: 64
qml: 65
qml: 67
qml: 65
It's the selected notes where i would like the diagrams i guess.
I tried your plugins on windows and it's fine.
Do you know what is the problem ?
Thanks for your help.

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