Slurs with 2 curves, and ornaments

• Sep 11, 2020 - 16:21

I am trying to notate an unmeasured prelude (harpsichord) of Louis Couperin, see attached pdf for the L'oiseau Lyre edition. The unmeasured notes can be done, but I am stuck with the slurs which do not go only in one direction, but are very elegant in two directions (see last bass-notes in first system). Is there some solution for this?

Also I cannot find the correct ornaments, see second note in second system, but especially the two cross-like ornaments further in the second system. I have checked the master palette, but I did not find them. Is there a way to add them myself?

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You also solved the problem of the slur on the last note first system, in my version it continued to the next system, but by adding a grace not after the main note, and making it nog=t visible, there is an endpoint for this one also, clever, and again thanks!

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In this kind of music there are an awful lot of different ornaments, this one is comparable to the modern mordent, so that one can be used, but i like to make the look as much as possible to the originals. That playback is not affected is of no importance to me, will try as images.
Thanks again!

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