Allow "alt+f" "alt+s"

• Sep 2, 2020 - 17:26

The "ctrl+s" works well to save. It is quite handy, when I am using MuseScore exclusively.

I'm creating video clips for students and switch back and forth between MuseScore and PowerPoint. It would be nice if "alt+f" "alt+s" were also allowed as an acceptable sequence.

"Alt+f" works. "Alt+s" does not.


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For file save.

Open a program (MuseScore or most others with a menu). Press the "Alt" key and you'll likely see some letter being underlined for each top level menu. Pressing that letter on your keyboard (still holding Alt) then unfolds the menu and shows the shortcut characters for the items within it.

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Thank's for clarifaction, I think I got it. So the sequence "Alt+F" and "S" means to open the file menu and save the file. But I don't have any clue about the meaning of "alt+s", maybe because I don't be a Powerpoint user, so this might have confused me when I was reading.

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To clarify --- "alt+f" "s" --- and --- "alt+f" "alt+s" --- work to save a PowerPoint file.

Is there a way to have MuseScore use the same sequence to save a file? (but not replace the ctrl-s to save)

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Actually in the "File" menu there's no mnemonic for S at all, should be ease to add it for "Save", could probably even be done via the translations (like into en_US and en_GB), by 'translating' "Save" with "&Save" (or for de as "&Speichern"). Let my try this...

Same for "Save As..." translated to "Save &As…" (which as "Speichern &als…" works in German)

Edit: try updating translations now (en_US or en_GB, or de), should work with those 3 at least

I've been used the one for File > Save As…, and also one for Help > Resource Manager in the German translation since quite long. Now in en_US and en_GB too...

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Just go to either Help > Resource Manager > Languages or Edit > Preferences > General > Language >Update translations and update the languages for System, English (US), English (GB) and Deutsch, then restart MuseScore (needed if you updated System translations for them to get picked up).
If you're not on an English or German language setup, switch to one of those in Edit > Preferences > General > Language.


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