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• Oct 16, 2009 - 11:16


Short introduction of myself. My name is Olle and I work a lot with translations of Open Source projects. Among other things, I am a member of the Swedish Translators Group for Joomla. I have also translated a number of large and small additions to Joomla, and the Spanish Web Office System OpenGoo.

When I don't translate Open Source projects, I play Cembalo in a mandolin orchestra. I've been doing music all my life. When I few days ago found MuseScore so it was love at first sight :) . However, the Swedish translation contained in the installation is not complete and a bit weak in quite a few places. (Path is not "stig" in Swedish, but "sökväg" ;)... etc.)
I have done a complete overhaul of the entire translation. Take it or leave it!

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I reverted the Swedish translation back to the previous state (r2119). In order to see what changes Zello proposes, you could use the upcoming translation server which is currently open for beta testing. Head over to the Swedish translation and filter on 'has suggestion' which will bring up all the suggestion by Zello.

I guess you will have to come up with some consensus on the used terminology so I wonder: would it be interesting to open up a Swedish forum so you can discuss this there? This way, if new translators come along, they can read through your discussion to find out about the consensus.

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"I guess you will have to come up with some consensus on the used terminology [...]". Yes, that is no wild guess. Regarding a Swedish forum: If all registered Swedish translators will be notified when a new post is sent in then it might be worth trying.

Hi Zello,

I imported your file in a translation server and this came out as a result: 30 new translations added, 972 new suggestions added, 483 translations unchanged, 10 duplicate translations not saved.
It seems you changed/added 1002 translations. Not bad. In the near future, we will have a translation server which will make it easier to review changes.

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