Preserve soundfont options after changing instrument

• Aug 31, 2020 - 22:31

Currently if you use the Change Instrument function, then use it again to switch it back to the original instrument, it will revert itself back to the default soundfont. This is especially annoying when I want to switch to and from instruments like electric guitar, which often require the use of alternative soundfonts. Below I have attached a file of what I mean. If possible I would like a way to have it so that alternative soundfonts can be preserved even after switch instruments, please and thank you.

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Change Instrument Demonstration.mscz 8.22 KB


I think I understand what you mean. You use sound font B for the Electric Guitar and Sound font A for clarinet. When you switch instruments, it always uses sound font A because it's the first one listed in your synthesizer.

MuseScore always assigns sounds in the mixer from the first sound font in the synthesizer rather that using the sound that was previously used for the same instrument on the same staff if you are changing instruments. I agree this is a bit silly and there is definitely room for improvement in this area.

There are improvements being made in creating score in general for version 4. I'm not sure how this will work. Putting a suggestion in the issue tracker for this isn't a bad idea. The link to the issue tracker is set the severity to S5-Suggestion and leave everything else to the defaults and explain what you would like to see done.

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