Underscore in file name

• Aug 29, 2020 - 13:22

Is there a way to instruct MuseScore not to include underscores in file names?


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Just be aware that using spaces will break on some filesystems, and cause problems with scripts and batch files command line invocations, and with URL's if you save online, etc. So even though I too find them unsightly, it still beats the alternative of files that only work correctly if I am very careful to only do the few things are supported and don't share them with anyone else. And I'm therefore not crazy about MuseScore making it easier for users to shoot themselves in the foot this way.

I discovered today quite by accident that if you use Save as... on a new file rather than Save..., there are no underscores at least on Windows 10.

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I think the area I would most want to customize would be Export Parts. When I use Export Parts I end up with file names such as "My Song-Violin_I.pdf" Coming from Sibelius at least it's a weird naming convention, so I go in Finder and batch Rename the parts (I'm on mac). Not a big deal, just slightly annoying.

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