Editing Fretboard diagram with linked tablature leads to crash

• Aug 26, 2020 - 04:35
Reported version
S2 - Critical
  1. Put a fretboard diagram (from the palette) in a measure on the piano linked staff (the staff above the guitar tablature staff). Adjust the fingering in the inspector for the chord fingering you want.
  2. Do Ctrl+K to put the chord notation above the chord tab because, most likely, the palette chord will not be the right chord. My palette only has about 20 ready-made chords.
  3. Do a Tools > Realize Chord Symbols on that chord. This will put notes on the linked guitar staff.
  4. Go into the guitar tablature (staves) and adjust some of the fingering. What I did was get rid of the fingering on one of the strings. But it also happens if you adjust the fret that the chord uses or attempt to add a string to the chord.
  5. Hit space bar in that measure to start the piece. Boom, it bombs.
    Don't know if it matters, but the guitar is not the only instrument in my score. I also had flute.
    I noticed once it bombs, every time I attempt to play that chord, it bombs even if I don't touch it. I have to delete that chord and start over.

Workaround (per Mike320):
Add a fretboard diagram, edit it as described above. Put it in a palette. Delete the one from the score, then reapply it to the score from the palette.


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Not sure it is fixed. I just reported it in the Development forum. It is still doing it but it is more random - it is not always reproducible with the same steps. When it CTD, it doesn't give you an error reporting tool. Also,
once you get the CTD, score will refuse to run and continually CTD unless you delete chords. Works fine once chords are deleted.