Changing a Treble Clef part to a Percussion Clef?

• Aug 25, 2020 - 18:43

Hi..I've written a Percussion part all in the Treble clef (was actually a Marimba Treble Clef part I used to create the 'percussion' part) using different note heads to signify different instruments.
How can I force the Treble clef at the beginning of each line to change into a Percussion Clef?
Tried dragging the Percussion Clef to the beginning of each staff, but won't change it for for me! Grrrrrr !
thanks in advance!


So it seems you never actually use marimba here? Easiest then to add a new percussion staff and copy/paste the contents. You might need to customize the drumset definition to get the pitches to display as you want. Or, you might use Select / More / Same pitch, on each different sound one at a time, to actually change the pitches to ones that will playback correctly as well.

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Takes a couple of minutes to learn, sure, but it's 100 times faster than going through the enormous trouble of changing noteheads one at a time, and it has the added benefit that you only have to do it once, then you can simply reuse that definition. Assuming you even need to - it isn't really all that obvious to me that you couldn't have simply used the generic Percussion instrument as is with no modifications.

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