Select Top Note or Bottom Note of chords

• Aug 24, 2020 - 20:48

I've been searching around and so far haven't seen any answer for this other than a sort of workaround using explode. That's not terribly efficient. Let's say I have a big band chart and I wrote some guitar voicings, but I decide for an 8-bar section the guitar's lowest notes should be an octave higher for each of those chords. In Sibelius, I select the passage, filter for bottom note (which I assign to a keyboard shortcut), and tap them up the octave. I understand in Musescore I could explode it into parts and re-implode, but I would have to add staves and give myself a panic attack about the layout in the meantime. I would love a simple select top/bottom notes worked in somewhere, whether it's a filter selection or even just an option under the select similar More... menu.

(On the subject of Explode/Implode, just want to say thank you for making that so intuitive. It's so easy and great compared to Sibelius.)


you can simply save your 8 bars of guitar, in another file, and after load this file, do what you want with explode, when done, save the result, and simply copy and paste the new voicing

If you add staves to use explode and implode, don't worry about layout while you do this. Add the temporary staves, explode, do what you need, implode then delete the temporary staves. The layout should then be about the same as when you started except some minor differences because auto placement reacted differently to the notes that are now an octave higher.

As for the select top or bottom notes option, that's actually a good idea and has been brought up in the past. I'm not sure if a suggestion already exists in the issue tracker though.

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Awesome! I would love to do that, I am pretty familiar with javascript. I'm looking through documentation and others' plugins, so far I'm hung up not seeing a way to tell the program what to select, as in build a List Selection. I can access cursor.element.selected, but that's read-only. If anyone has any pointers on this that would be great!

Check for a demonstration of an altered Prune Stack qml file, allowing for selection instead of only pruning. It doesn't have "top" per se, but bottom in "level 1" and different levels to include or reject in a range selection. Maybe that'll help, though it's a little late.

Update: [Top]-most and [Bottom]-most are now available options.

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