dash over right side of the measure?

• Aug 20, 2020 - 00:50

I was writing something and I must have accidentally pressed some weird key combination. Now I have a measure that is shorter then what it says. It also has a gray slash above the right side (image attached). This must be the problem, but what is it???

please help

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musescore-measurebug.png 14.06 KB


The gray dash tells you the measure is short. You probably selected something and pressed ctrl+delete to remove it which also shortened the measures. Choose a note of the appropriate length and press shift+ a note name to add it back and the dash will disappear when the measure is correct. FYI, a + means there are too many beats in the measure.

There are other ways to shorten a measure but this is the most likely way to do it by accident. Looking at your measure makes me doubt this is what happened though.

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