Plugin to enable shortcut functionality for Objects not accessable by shortcut so far

• Aug 17, 2020 - 12:50

I've asked the following question with slightly different wording in the general discussion forum two day ago (s. without any response so far. Maybe it is better placed here.

For a lot of things there are shortcuts predefined, for others you can add on in the preferences. For breath marks there seems to be no easy way to add them without changing to mouse entry. If there is a reason for omitting breath marks in the preferences, is there an easy means to access it from the plugin engine? If some could provide a plugin template I assume anyone could use it to derive a specialized plugin to do something only possible with the mouse so far and assign a shortcut to it.


Plugins can't do things the main program doesn't support natively. So if a shortcut action doesn't exist, the plugin can't create it.

Depending on when you enter your breath markings though, you might be content using the "apply currently selected palette element" action; for which you can define a shortcut.

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Marc's method below makes adding a breath mark a single keystroke after having added the first one (regardless of whether you add the first one using the mouse or the keyboard). Not sure how much easier you could get than a single shortcut?

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Right, it's very simple. Once you've added the shortcut for "Apply currently palette element", you can apply one breath mark normally, then from then on just use that shortcut to apply more. Works until you apply a different palette element, which is why I said it's best to a bunch of breaths in one pass.

The other method I described is quite simple too, though. ANy time you want to apply a breath, Shfit+Tab to move keyboard focus to the palette, then assuming the breath is still the highlighted item, just hit Enter.

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Ok, got I, it last. The thing that had irritated me was, that the last picked palette element does not stay highlighted, at least in my installation.
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: fb3c202
But the trick you've mentioned works anyway.

Than you all

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One can assign shortcut to run a particular plugin though, so if you create a plugin which adds a breath marking to a selected note (which should be possible) then it can effectively be used as an additional shortcut. It won't show in the common Preferences/Shortcuts list (plugin shortcuts can only be set via Plugin Manager) but as far as I understand the question, that should be enough.

Depending on how "easy" you need it to be, though, it is at least possible, and in some cases not particularly hard, to add any palette item by keyboard. First, the palette search command is keyboard accessible, and then the results are browsable by keyboard. Also, Shift+Tab from the score generally takes you back to the last-used previous palette item, and you can navigate from there. Plus there is a command to re-apply the last-used palette item.

The last one is a nice ace-in-the-hole. As long as you don't mind adding all (or many, at least) or your breath marks in one pass, you can just keep using that command to apply breaths anywhere you like.

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