How to create a video file (mp4) format?

• Aug 16, 2020 - 14:11

Hi All,

After creating a music score ( I usually do drum score), I would print out in .pdf and also save in mp3 format for ease of reading and listening to, also include sharing with friends.

But I have been wondering it would be much better if I can do the output in mp4 format (video to see the drum score playing and audio), but I don't know how to go about doing it for now.

Very much appreciate some advice on this (I'm a Ms Windows user).

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi, you can upload your score on (using UPLOAD at the top of the window, near your name, on right). By this , you get a link you can use for you or friens in a mail or else.
On the same way you have a way to upload your work to You Tube directly.
You can also make a screen capture of your score with audio and vidéo, I use BANDICAM

Most windows computers these days comes with the Xbox Game Bar installed, which has screen capture included. press windows key-G and it shoud open. Record screen also has a shortcut (windows-alt-r, I think), so you don't even have to open the whole app. :-)

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