Build failed // Also: spelling error on wiki page?

• Aug 14, 2020 - 14:47

MacOS 10.13.6
QT 5.12.9

Following along the docu at:…
I get this error:

/[path/to]/MuseScore/thirdparty/fluidsynth/fluidsynth-2.1.4/src/utils/fluidsynth_priv.h:76:10: fatal error: 'malloc.h' file not found


The following build commands failed:
        CompileC build.release/framework/midi/ thirdparty/fluidsynth/fluidsynth-2.1.4/src/bindings/fluid_filerenderer.c normal x86_64 c
(1 failure)
make: *** [release] Error 65

Any ideas?

More errors are shown in one of the screenshots (c_cpp_properties.json dependenciy errors).

Also, in the docu, there seems to be a backslash missing in the path info (see screentshot)

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dependency_errors.png 105.34 KB
spelling_error.png 9.92 KB


I am also getting exactly that error "malloc.h not found", from the same file. We could report an issue, or I could ask in the developer chat.

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