Notating a 3:2 Polyrhythm (2 voice)

• Aug 13, 2020 - 03:45

I'm trying to create notation similar to the way it is shown in Ex. 1 in the link below.

There are two voices within the Polyrhythm. I've selected; Add - Tuplet - Other, & have created a 3:2 ratio tuplet. However I can only enter 3 notes and can't seem to enter my forth note as another voice?


For exercise 1, enter the 3:2 triplet as you have done for voice 1. this has 4 note (C's)
exit note entry mode
click in that measure
reenter note entry mode (press n)
press ctrl+alt+2 to select voice 2 (or click the voice 2 button on the toolbar)
enter the notes in voice 2. (this has 2 notes A's)

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