How to retrieve the path to curScore?

• Aug 12, 2020 - 17:12

I know I far away from being the first one, who asks that question. But the forum does not deliver an answer for v3. So I ask again and hope that the pros ump in and can provide a solid answer:

How can the path to the curScore be retrieved in a plugin?

The idea is to use the score's folder as location for other files (to be saved therein), too, without the user having to open the FileDialog.

Thank you!


It is really weird that such a question, even though asked many times, remains un-answered. Why is that?

The whole topic around Plugin Development in Musescore is anyway very poorly documented - so why don't you guys from the core development team not help out better, simply to help create better infos? More examples?

That way it is hard to give back.

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What a smart and helpful comment! Really motivating for all those who would like to get more involced and maybe become a contributor! Congrats!

Why not really help instead of just dropping sentences like these? Providing a working around, e.g. Like Marc does every once in a while. Or letting us know about the status quo. But your comments are of no help at all.

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Wow! What a totally new aspect for OSS!! Never heard about that!

Jojo: If you don't want to provide HELPFUL answer – like a work around, or how you would do it -, please don't answer at all. Ok? Everything else is a waste of forum space and time and nerves. Thanks!

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so why don't you guys from the core development team not help out better, simply to help create better infos

They are, thanks to efforts of dmitrio during his time as an employee he created the API documentation which is now auto-generated from the sources.
Even today, no longer an employee there, he still helps out in this area.

Would we like the plugin API to be improved faster and more? Yes
Would we like MuseScore to improve faster and more? Yes
Does wanting something make it so? No
Is contributing a way to make things faster? Yes
Is venting your frustrations about this fine? Yes

I'm sorry that reality makes it harder for you to give back, but it is the current reality nonetheless.

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