score accessibility - more concise presentation of elements

• Aug 27, 2014 - 01:47

I really like how the NVDA screen reader now reads the elements of the score as you move through them in MuseScore. One thing that would help speed up the process of reading the score would be to shorten the text that is read. For example, instead of 'note pitch c4 duration quarter ...,' it would be better for it to say 'c4 quarter ....' Thanks for making the score accessible.


Wonderful to hear feedback from an actual user of the feature! Have you been in contact at all with Andrei Tuicu, the person who implemented the accessibility features (as part of the Google Summer of Code)? I'm sure he'd love to hear about your experiences and ideas. See his blog (WordPress, which I guess is just so-so for accessibility itself). I'll direct him to your post so he can contact you here or directly if you prefer.

BTW, also, we re trying to keep discussion of the Beta releases in the Technology Preview forum, so let's have further discussion there.

One comment to add now, though: if you haven't already, try Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Right (and same with Left). Instead of only navigating the notes of your score, you'll also hear about clefs, key signatures, barlines, etc.

Hello. When errowing through the staff creation dialogue in the new score sometimes when adding let's say the metso soprano staff I hear nothing then the next thing is acombo box that just says standard.

Wen I added the piano staff I had trouble arrowign up and down through the staves in the new score dialogue. It looks like the list view where the staves are are not labeled, or I'm doing somethign wrong.

Also whentrying to ue the key sig and tempo part of the new score wizard I can't arrow thorugh the key signatures. Again, I hope i did not brake it.

I'm using the latest nvda rc snap shot and windows 7 32 bit on a vertual machine running 1 gig of ram. Any ideas? Or am I just doing somethign wrong.

Thanks and hapy tuesday.

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Unfortunately, the "create new score" dialogs are not very accessible yet. It is possible to navigate the list of instruments although it is far from obvious how, and I would not be surprised if the screenreader support is incomplete. Also, as you have noticed, the key signature does not work with keyboard at all.

To set your expectations better, so far, it is mostly score *reading* functionality that works. Score *creation* and *editing* is being worked on still.

BTW, once you load a score, it won't respond to some keyboard commands at first until you get something selected. I recommend using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right to start your navigation of a score. Then you should hear it read the first element of the score, and continue one at a time as you keep press that shortcut.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply. I was worried I had done something wrong as I'm normally very quick at picking stuff up. I guess I'll wait until the key sig and score create stuff is more usable. I won't give up, but I'll just maybe wait for the next update and keep an eye on this thread.

Again thanks so so much for working on this project.

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