Possible solution for adding interval/chord note below selected note

• Aug 11, 2020 - 07:19
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My suggestion is to add a simple "toggle switch" that would switch both the "add interval" and "add note to chord" functions from above to below, with one simple hotkey/menu tic box.

Default mode for both adding intervals and note names are "over", then you could press X (or something better suited) to switch to "under" - then any notes added in either category would go under the selected note.

Seems elegant to me, anyway. I don't see to many situations where one would need to switch often between adding over or below, but I can see them both being very valuable input modes at different times. This would give a lot more control with a lot fewer both clicks and hotkeys, I think.

Included is a menu mockup of a menu to show what I mean. See also this thread in the feature request section.

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You can currently add Shortcuts such as [Alt][Shift] 3 to add a third below but adding a note by letter is more difficult because there are existing [Alt][Shift] letter functions.

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Well, while that is true, it's not that helpful as a workaround. There's no apparent complete range of available shortcuts, at least not that makes sense. In addition, changing shortcuts does not work consistently for everyone, at least not for me, reason still unknown.
Also I'd like for this to be easily accessible to even light users, and delving into custom shortcuts is not.
And also: I'm also asking for even extended features in being able to add note (by note name) to chord both over and under the selected note.

Admins/mods - if this isn't the right forum for these kinds of discussions (as I imagine it might not be) - feel free to delete and tell me off ;-)