Chords sounding during playback

• Aug 8, 2020 - 05:08

Just uploaded the latest version and all of a sudden there is a crashing chord wherever I put a chord symbol. I don't want to hear that in the playback. I can't find where there is an option to turn it off. I exported the song as an MP3 to provide you with an example. When I played the MP3, there were no crashing chords. I go back to the score and play it again...there are no crashing chords now. But when I open another score, the same issue happens again with each new score opened. Exporting an MP3 doesn't seem like a viable solution. Thanks for any help. Love the program.


I thought I was going mad when I upgraded and resumed working on a transcription ... What a jarring change, I strongly urge development to consider adding automation for:

  1. disable/enable sound for all chord symbols in active score
  2. default any chord symbols from scores <3.5 to silent, remedying this backwards compatibility nightmare

This occurs with the latest update. I found an option in the style settings to turn that off, although personally I think it should be off by default.

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I have been looking for that, but haven't found it. I'm writing music for guitar. On a staff with Music notation on top and Tab below, I can place the chords about the notes in the tab instead of the music and that turns it off, but I haven't located where it is in the style settings. Could you share that? Thanks.

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Not everyone. Some (not I) feel strongly that the number of people who will find their old jazz lead-sheets now playing their chords to be an unexpected bonanza dwarfs that of those who will have to modify their scores to suppress the new behavior, which is why it is the way it is. Of course some people will be very unhappy, but, as Lenin allegedly said about omelets ...

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Sorry, I misstated what I did. I selected a chord in my score, set it to not play in the inspector, and then clicked the "S" beside that to set that as the style. I then saved the style as my default style sheet. The setting gets saved with the style sheet, but you're right, it does not appear to be visible in the style settings. (It should be under the "Chord Symbols" category). I'm guessing that's an oversight. That doesn't address the fact that every time you open an existing score, you will have to set the style to not play chord symbols. I think it should be off by default. I can't imagine there's many cases where you would want it on.

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