musescore 3.5.0 includes mscz files and moved files to different folders

• Aug 7, 2020 - 23:02

I just downloaded 3.5.0 and when I open the folders they include duplicate files that begin with a period and end with "mscz,". I"ve never seen these types of files before. These don't appear in the file manager, but they do when I open a file when I'm in musescore. What's also strange is "mscz," files that were in a different subfolder have moved to the folder one level above them, so now they're in the wrong subfolders. This happened in about 20 folders and hundreds of files.


These are backup scores and they existed ever since
MuseScore 3.5 now allows open them, without having to rename and make visible, this is a new feature.

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For each of my compositions I have a main folder, and in it I have a subfolder in which I keep all my older versions of the piece. So when I opened each main folder, I had only my most-recent version and the subfolder with the older versions presented (two things). With 3.5.0, the older "backup" versions have jumped into their main folders, so instead of having just my most-recent version in the main folder, I have about 20 to 80 backups in front of the most-recent one.

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I'd like to have a check box "show backup files" yes/no in the open file dialogue itself.
Independent of the "show hidden files" at OS level.
Independent because having to change the OS setting every time you need to open a backup file seems wrong design.
I know current behaviour of open file dialogue is to ALWAYS show backup files, that is "ok" but a bit too much.

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