Want repeat bar line at end of piece without repeat-dots

• Aug 6, 2020 - 19:15
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  1. Make piece with 4 verses
  2. Notice how beautiful it looks.
  3. Add repeat so that the playback repeats 4 times
  4. Notice that yours is the only piece in the entire world that ends with :||
  5. Feel meh :|
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Or add one more bar, set up voltas with that last bar as the 4th ending. You will get your repeats and an end barline, which is what you are asking for.

For the record though, end repeats are absolutely standard if you want musicians reading a score to know there are supposed to repeat. So this would hardly be the only score in the world to end with a repeat; most scores that repeat do.

If you just want the computer playback to go four times but don't need human musicians to do it, you can use the "Loop" feature. But, if you want humans to understand the roadmap, probably need either repeat bars or a DC or similar marking perhaps both, depending on the exact roadmap you want them to follow.

Hymns are never written with repeats in the musical score, since the multiple lines of lyrics indicate how many repetitions there are. The purpose of telling Musescore about the repeats is to make the mp3 export play the correct number of repetitions. The loop function is fine for interactive work, but it is a bit too infinite for mp3's.

Then don't use a repeat bar. Your musicians will know, by the number of verses, or the conductor tells them (verse "1, 3 and 4 today").
To hear and learn the melody playing once is enough, if not there's the loop mode.
Also you can't have your cake and eat it too, no repeat barlines but (more than one) repeats (you can have one via an 'invisible' D.C.).

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Unlike the repeat bar, D.C. (visible and invisible) does not allow one to specify the play count for the piece (it's always 2, with no option to change). An invisible repeat at the end makes the closing bar line disappear. (Would changing either of those be a better feature request?)

Use a an end repeat barline, and place some white small images on top of the repeat dots. Or add repeat dots from the master palette and make those white

I have once or twice wished I had the ability to change the display between repeat and non-repeat bar lines without changing function but this is impossible using the inspector because the other type of bar lines is grayed out. Why not allow the user to change the display, it won't hurt anything.

I truly see no reason why the styling of this barline is greyed out; sometimes, I wish for MuseScore to repeat simply for audio/mp3 purposes and as much as we'd like to say loop functions are ideal, they aren't perfect. Using a repeat is exactly what we need, what harm is there in allowing us to change the style of it? We can change the style of many other things to not even remotely match what they do (heck, we can change noteheads to not even remotely close to look like what they do). I see no reason for this extra code put in to prevent this.

As was already given reasoning, hymns often do not include it and while the reader can assume to repeat that many times, often we just want MuseScore to repeat as well without extra input as many other scores already do and is a common practice.

The ability to override repeats in a score would be very useful to me.

I have pieces where they are scores for one of my bands.

I need repeats in the score (parts) for the playing, but I want to send an mp3 for the musicians to get the gist of it, without repeats for soloing.