Tempo marking with underline

• Aug 26, 2014 - 19:59


In Text Properties (Tempo -> style) : by adding an underline, this line intersects, or collides with the note heads base. Do you consider that it's correct or not?

Nigthly August 26 (bc506ed) / Windows7


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Yes, but the the font that provides the glyph is BravuraText. The Unicode version of that symbol within that font is supposed to be aligned on the baseline to make tempo markings work, but it seems what's actually the case is the notehead is centered on the baseline. So it extends below the baseline. Not sure why they did that. I guess we could make the note sit above the baseline in Emmentaler Text or MuseJazz (MuseJazz is already a little higher)

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Ah, I'm no expert in glyph, unfortunately (:

This issue is really recurring. I think there is still for improvement, alas.

Fortunately, the text lines (and other trill lines) are really perfect now! Great job :)

@Shoichi. Yes, there has been a very recent change with a bold default caracter for the tempo value. Why not. I like rather. But that does change nothing in this case of the underline. For the test, I made in a other way, simply.


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