Musescore "doesn't support this version of mscz files yet". Help?

• Aug 3, 2020 - 01:12

Tried to upload a pretty big score (orchestral and about 50 minutes long) and got the message "The score cannot be uploaded, as we don't support this version of mscz files yet. Sorry for the inconvenience". Tried to then upload the score to youtube, and it sent over the audio of the old version of the score with a blank screen throughout the video.

Is there any fix?


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Come on Jojo. Your response is lazy. You are a smart guy. You can be a little more helpful than just directing someone to a FAQ about Musescore. You can at least tell the OP, "Yes, we know its a problem with uploading to for score written in version 3.X.X, but you will have to go to for more info." Or at least say, "We don't know why this is happening. You will have to go to and ask them."

Same problem. Even worse. I tried to replace the existing arrangement with a new one, suffered for 40 minutes, then erased the previous one, hoping it would help. Now there is no arrangement, neither old nor new. Wrote to the support center, no response. Is it time to leave this program?

The same problem. And don't tell me it's not the right place - this is where the support sent me!
The issue:
I've uploaded many scores before, but after uploading my newest one I keep getting "The score cannot be uploaded, as we don't support this version of mscz files yet. Sorry for the inconvenience." at
The file was created in the same ver. 2.3.2 as all the previous ones.
Don't tell me I need a newer version because it won't work in Windows XP!
I tried a workaround - exporting as pdf, uploading the pdf, converting it on your website, downloading the result and uploading it again - but the result was incorrect (all instruments turned into voice and the tempo was also lost.)

I've sent it to and got an answer "Visit our support forums - If you are unable to find a solution to your issue within the Handbook or Forums, please post this issue in the Support & Bug Report topic." So I'm doing.

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Not sure how you described the problem to them, but it seems they misunderstood. This is definitely a issue. There is nothing any of the volunteers who support the notation software over here on this site can do about anything having to do with the commercial score sharing website

I do know there were some site glitches today and yesterday though as you can read about over on that site. So I suggest you follow the discussions on the "Improving" group to keep up to date on progress.

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What is relevant here? Why the left hand of musescore is not knowing what the right one is doing, and how the users should deal with all this crap?!
I don't care about Microsoft. I don't care about new versions and new features (nor even correcting the bugs of the old ones). I only want what always worked to contuse working!

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Because the left hand and the right hand are not very closely connected. See for all the details

Complaining here or there about failing to upload with an old and no longer supported version of MuseScore and a very old, outdated and dangerous Operating system won't get you anywhere though.

Update to Windows 10 (or 8.1) or switch to Linux, and update to MuseScore 3.5.2.

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I have a bug on a site. I look for help on the very same site. I find support e-mail there. And that support sends me here. That's total bullshit.
And any paranoia about "dangerous" XP is bullshit. too. That's the best system MS ever created. I will NEVER upgrade! NEVER in my life! I don't need anything new - but what worked before, should work! Any new software should be compatible with previous file formats, either directly or via a conversion tool!

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Reg. reporting a bug of the website, reporting that to and getting redirected here without good reason you need to get back the support, here on we can't help you with that.
Reg. Windows XP no longer being supported is something you'd need to complain to Microsoft. It does no longer receive security patches and as such is potentially dangerous, and in fact has been hacked already several times. This not paranoia, but real and a fact.
You are totally free to continue using an outdated and unsupported Operating System and an outdated version of MuseScore too, but don't expect any support for that, IT IS UNSUPPORTED!

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  1. I did and waiting for response.
  2. All system were hacked and have viruses, but that's not the point. The point is, when I upload a mscz file created in ver/ 2.3.2, it is processed incorrectly. It has nothing to do with any security issues or even the OS on my computer. It only means the programmers at are morons. If it is not a bug but a deliberate policy (I don't know yet), they are worse than just morons. They are throwing away tons of scores created in the old version and the users who created them. What they will win by losing users? Nothing at all.
    My sweetest dream is to make coercion to upgrade a felony like rape!

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Not only Windows XP, but also MuseScore 2.x is out of support.
That uploading 2.x scores so long after 3.0 got released, almost 2 years, is (or rather was) a benefit, that it doesn't any longer it a real pity, but that's nothing we here on can do anything about.
Go and complain there, to and in The louder the better.
Here this is just wrong and won't get heard/read by the relevant people, instead it'd just seriously annoy all these unpaid volunteers that are driving this user community.

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To be 100% clear: we are volunteers here, fellow users of the MuseScore software, who generously contribute our free time to help users learn and get the most of the the program (which some of us also contribute our time to help develop). But no one us here has any special inside information into the workings of the commercial score-sharing website So when people post here about problems over there, we don't know the answers usually, all we can do is suggest they go over there and ask. The way to avoid all this flame is to graciously accept what help we are actually able to give -)

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A user does not know it. 99% pay no attention to the URL they are visiting (if they know they came there from a trusted source, like the software for which they need help), especially taking into account that many sites have mirrors and redirections. Yes, there is a point in FAQ, but to get there, you must know you need it (and BTW it provides no information where to get help for the com site).
But the main problem is, the support is sending users to a wrong place!

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Mistakes happen. They mistakenly sent you here. We are now correcting this bit of misinformation. But you don't need to compound the error by continuing to followup here. Whatever problem you are having is with that website, and the people who can help are the employees of the MueScore company who run that commercial site. There is nothing we volunteer fellow users of the free MuseScore software can do here for you, except point out the error.

UPDATE: The problem is half-solved now - the uploading works, but the file is processed incorrectly. In my score, all instruments turn into voice and the tempo is ignored.

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The problem is solved now - the uploading works correctly again. (But there is still a problem if I try the following: exporting as pdf, uploading the pdf, converting it on .com website, downloading the result (which is converted to ver.3 this way) and uploading it again I do not know which site is responsible for pdf->mscz converter.)

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You wrote:
We are speaking about pdf created in Musescore...

Conversion from a MuseScore mscz file into a pdf and then from pdf back into a MuseScore file (even if the pdf was created in MuseScore) is not a bilaterally equivalent process. In fact, the pdf could just as well have been created by any other scorewriter software.
To create a pdf, non essential (to a pdf) information is permanently stripped away.
(Seriously, can a pdf reader actually play the score back for you? Does a pdf reader really care if there are exactly 4 quarter notes in a 4/4 measure? There's even more useless data that gets discarded).
Clearly then, the pdf is no longer a genuine MuseScore mscz score file, but rather it has become a pdf file which merely shows the picture of a musical score - as interpreted by 'pdf reader' software.

So now...
The conversion of that pdf back into MuseScore requires a brand new reconstruction of all the 'stripped away' data. There is no hidden cache in the pdf file from which to recover it. The open source Audiveris OMR (optical music reader) is the one that .com uses to produce a MusicXML file (which can be 'understood' by MuseScore and other notation software).
(read the last sentence there)

MusicXML may be considered the 'lingua franca' among scorewriting apps.
Also, be aware that different OMR's may vary in conversion accuracy .

You also wrote:
And previously it worked fine.

For that, consider yourself lucky. :-)
...because on Dec. 2 you wrote:
I tried a workaround - exporting as pdf, uploading the pdf, converting it on your website, downloading the result and uploading it again - but the result was incorrect (all instruments turned into voice and the tempo was also lost.)
So, in this case, not so lucky...
...and that's likely why .com sent you here -- for help to fix your score - as the last sentence in that Audiveris' overview states:
"More sophisticated music editors, such as MuseScore ...etc."

Any problems regarding fixing or improving a MuseScore mscz file will gladly be handled here,, by our crack team of... umm... err... people.
Any follow ups regarding uploading/downloading scores should be directed to .com.

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My main problem was that normal uploading did not work (which is fixed now), that's why I tried pdf. I know nothing about pdf format, but I think if some info (like the actual instruments) cannot be stored "legally." it can be just added to the end of the file, so that pdf viewers ignore it and music converters could use it. At least such approach works with graphic file formats (you can store there any extra info this way. this is even used to disguise secret data as an innocent picture).
mscz, as far as I understand, is just a compressed xml (there is no way to upload the uncompressed to the com site BTW). And if this site is relevant for mscz topics, then I suggest to create a tool to convert mscz from ver.2 to ver.3 (and even backward - I suppose some additional data will be lost, but not the basic ones).

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It's not about legalities, but about technical realities. PDF is a picture. It's not music. A music format like MSCZ or MusicXML records each individual note of your score with information about the note itself. PDF just records blobs of ink. It's like trying to reconstruct your car from just a picture of it.

As for converting from MuseScore 2 to 3, no tool is needed - MuseScore 3 can open MuseScore 2 files directly. You can then save in MuseScore 3 to get a "native" file. Going backwards is not possible directly, and writing a tool to attempt it would be about as much work as rewriting MuseScore from scratch. But, you can certainly export MusicXML from MuseScore 3 and read the results into MuseScore 2 with only "some" loss of information.

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A PDF is not a blueprint. It is a photograph. Marc should have said "photograph." An MSCZ or a MusicXML is a blueprint. A PDF is an exterior photograph.

The whole point of having different versions is that the features or representations are sufficiently new and different that a new format is necessary.

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Yes, cars are built from blueprints - but these aren't just pictures, they are very carefully designed special pictures with tons and tons of additional info present. PDF is just a picture, it has no other info in it. We don't control the PDF format.

MuseScore 2 users should update, but even if they for whatever reason choose to key using 2, they can sue 3 just as the converter as I described.

For what it's worth (this and all the other people having this issue and related issues), it seems cannot process scores that are too large and either buckles completely or, after a few attempts, uploads a score with various corruptions, both potentially to the audio (I included a custom audio source in mine which avoided this issue) and to the printing itself. For whatever reason you get an error message saying it has to do with Musescore version, but it has nothing to do with Musescore version. It's entirely the website.

The score you uploaded will properly re-download if someone downloads the uploaded file, but if they download it as a PDF or try to print from the site directly (or just view it on the site), the corruptions will be there. At least in my experience, the corruptions tend to be odd symbol replacements in random places- a quaver symbol in a tempo replaced with some odd foreign character, for instance.

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