Can’t get to start center

• Jul 29, 2020 - 01:18

I've been really wanting to create a new score, but in every tutorial, it says to go to the start center and the new score wizard, but i can't seem to be able to find how to get there... Please help!

I can't find from the menu bar, the file- Start center. Even when i press on F4 it doesen't work. Help!

Thank you!


Indeed, the Start Center isn't needed at all for anything - it's just a conveniences for displaying your recent scores. But for the record, if you do wish to look at it, it's the very first item in the File menu, in any recent version of MuseScore. Also, on some computers, you need to press Fn along with the function keys to enable them, so try Fn+F4.

Hello, I'm in the same boat. I can't figure out how to start writing a score. I see the other replies below, and when someone said type Fn (along with F4,) I'm assuming that's the Microsoft icon situated between the Ctrl and Alt keys? I tried that and nothing happens. Help. See below what I'm looking at. Thanks!

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Actually, many Windows keybaords have an Fn key, and many of them require to press it in order to active the function keys, as by default they activate some other function (screen brightness etc). Many Windows computers have a BIOS setting you can make to control which is the default and which requires Fn. But, all keyboards are slightly different. You'd need to consult the documentation for yours if you can't figure out how to activate the function keys.

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To be perfectly clear: the reason you can't access the Start Center is that as far as we can tell, you have yet to install MuseScore. Your screenshot shows you looking at a website in a browser, and the taskbar doesn't show MsueScore. If you have installed it, you definitely aren't running it now. You need to install and run MuseScore in order to use it - it isn't something that just runs from a web browser. To download and install MuseScore, see the Download menu at top left of this website.

Hey everyone! It’s been about two years since I wrote this and I FINALLY found how to make a new score. Thank you all so so much! And to everyone having the same issue, just pick the comment that best fits your computer and it will work at some point.

Again, thank you all!

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