No cursor arrow for Beam tools

• Jul 28, 2020 - 19:25

When dragging a Beam properties tool the cursor arrow only shows once the tool is exactly placed over a note which makes it difficult to exactly place the tool over the note.


I have seen some software address this GUI paradox by including an arrow point in the "no go" status icon.


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Yes, it is!

i dimly recall trying that ages ago and didn't see anything happen so i haven't tried it since, not knowing it was an intended functionality

I will do it that way now.

However, in the interest of clarity I still suggest either adding an arrow point to that draggable tool or... eliminate the dragging tool if you genuinely disapprove of people using it.

I don't like dragging anything if I can help it. I have set up Shortcuts with \ = Beam Start and [Shift]\ (or |) = Beam Middle. Much quicker to just enter the notes and then stepping through the score using the arrow keys and those shortcut keys.

That GUI no go icon comes from your operating system. So change it there to include a clear hotspot indicator if you so wish.

First clicking the note and then clicking the palette item is a way faster method imho though.

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By whatever means their operating system provides for them.

On Windows 10 for example, you do this by going into the control panel mouse settings, then open up the "additional mouse options" and on the tab "Pointers" of the dialog that then appears. Then select the "Unavailable" cursor in the Customize list and browse to a new .cur or .ani file on their pc to replace it with.

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