My first attempt at a plugin: PartsList.qml

• Jul 26, 2020 - 08:20

So, I finally bit the bullet and tried to learn enough Qt to write a plugin. Simple plugin, it creates a text file that lists the parts in a score. Help me out with Version 2 where I'd like to fix/add:
1. Part names with flats (and I suppose sharps) in them show up as question marks in a text editor. I'd like to replace that with a word. But, even if I use QReplace, what do I tell it to replace?
2. On windows, the plugin opens the list in Notepad. There must be a way to determine the OS and then open it in an appropriate editor in other OS's. I'm guessing it will write OK in other OS's, but I don't have any installations to test it in.

Let me know what you think.



So, I thought the following might fix my ? problem...

        QString thepartslist = QStringLiteral(curScore.scoreName + " Parts List\n");
        for (var i = 0; i <; i++) {
               thepartslist += QStringLiteral([i].partName + "\n");

But, all that did is break it. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Yeah, I've tried it in a bunch of editors but they all come back with question marks (not the dreaded boxes). So, I'm thinking I actually have question marks meaning that I need to tell Qt what they are or what encoding they're in.

I know how to replace... I just don't know WHAT to tell it to replace.

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Internally QTextStream is used in FileIO implementation, and QTextStream documentation has the following statement regarding text encoding:

By default, QTextCodec::codecForLocale() is used for reading and writing, but you can also set the codec by calling setCodec().

Given this, may the issue be in that QTextStream chooses a non-Unicode codec by default on Windows, and this results in most non-ASCII characters be written incorrectly? If so it might be needed to explicitly set the stream codec to UTF-8 or at least expose an ability to set encoding of the written text to FileIO interface.

I am not on Windows to check this but perhaps someone could verify my guess there.

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