How change the order of scores in a set?

• Jul 25, 2020 - 21:35

As asked some months ago here

(and what's the relationship between these forums and that help group?)


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OK thanks - I think I understand, but nobody answered the question on the help forum... whereas in this forum lots of very knowledgeable people answer questions almost immediately!
So does anyone here know whether scores in a set can be re-ordered?
(This does seem to be an area of strange mismatch between desktop Musescore and why can't sets be managed in desktop? Where did albums go? are these things related?)

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They're not related in any way.

The only "integration" the desktop software has with .com is the login form and then showing an upload form for "Save online" (but the contents of that form is already no longer part of the notation software itself).

Albums are being reworked and improved as a GSoC-project this year for MuseScore4.

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Assuming by "set" you are referring to a feature of, the best place to ask is on the "Improving" group. That group is pretty active too, you probably would have gotten a response there.

Anyhow, it's easy enough to reorder scores in a set, just use the "..." menu when viewing the set and choose "Update this set".

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