Indented first line on individual parts

• Jul 21, 2020 - 18:37

I have looked through the Handbook, just can't find it.
Is there away to indent the first line on an individual part as seen in my example?
And as a bonus....type in a part number?
I have volunteered to help transpose parts on and they want the new parts to look as much as possible to the originals.
I have been playing band music for a life time....never really paid attention to the fact that the first line is indented. Wonder why?
Can you help me find the settings to achieve that?
Thanks so much!

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Having this being done automatically on score creation is pretty high on the list of planned layout improvements, certainly for MuseScore 4, but particularly this one here possibly for MuseScore 3.6 already

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The details are still being worked out, this discussion will be good in collecting information.

I don't know the UK concert band tradition, but I do know I wouldn't generally want this in jazz arrangements either. There are other things that can be different according to genre, like order of instruments especially in rhythm section. And that's something else that is being looked at to set more automatically on score creation. We do want to figure out how to make things easier and more automatic for most people without making them worse for others.

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I did a quick scan through some of the orchestral parts I have on my PC. First system indents seem pretty ubiquitous in pre 20th century publications. In some cases it is fairly subtle, perhaps a clef and key signature width. In other cases it is accommodates the instrument name. In some cases it is used to accommodate the piece or movement title, sometimes quite flamboyantly. The indents seem less common in 20th Century parts; perhaps 30% of the non-representative sample I looked at have no indent.

I currently only have access to a few concert band parts but they seem to use or not use an indent according to genre. Arrangements of orchestral pieces tend to use them. Arrangements of pop, show tunes and big band pieces tend not to use them.

When writing for small ensembles, my house style is to not use indents as I usually am struggling to fit everything onto one or two pages and every inch counts.

So perhaps we need a "Indent first system in parts" style option.

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I do suspect it will ultimate be a style option, but in addition, we really want to make things as automatic as possible. Setting the style option appropriately in the templates helps there, but not for the case where a user chooses instruments manually. I could envision something like the genre dropdown in the instrument being made a more prominent feature of the score creation process and have it influence things like the score order,r the setting of the this option, maybe the default music font, etc. I gather this is the kind of stuff @tantacrul is working on designing.

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