How to mute a note

• Jul 19, 2020 - 07:59

I want to mute some notes in a song. (I've set the noteheads to x to indicate that the last line of lyrics here are spoken rather than sung.) I followed the instructions:

How to silence a note
or make a precise dynamic
Right-click on the note, in the dialog box select Note Properties
Set velocity type on "user" and velocity to 1:

BUT, when I right-click on the note, Properties isn't one of the options. (Musescore 3 for Linux)

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I have the same question on setting muted notes, but i don't want them to not play at all, just with less volume. With the user velocity type and velocity 1 (or any other number) it is completely muted. Is there a way to get this to only lower the volume? Or is there another way entirely? Tia.

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You wrote:
I have the same question on setting muted notes, but i don't want them to not play at all, just with less volume.

Please attach the score in question, or if this is not possible, create a sample score with a few measures of notes. Then choose a few notes, explain how you are trying to lower the volume, and attach the score here when it doesn't work.

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Velocity 1 is as quiet as possible (0 is silent), but a value of 100 shouldn't be quiet at all,

Normally, instead of a user value - which set an absolutely value in the MIDI terms (1-127), you'd use an "offset", which means add that amount to whatever the default would have been (depends on the dynamic that is in effect). So negative values are softer than the default.

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Hard to say much from just pictures, moving or otherwise - best to attach your actual score. Then we can see what else might be going on that doesn't show in the pictures.

One thing I can say from just the video though - no need to turn off Play one note at a time! Lots of alternatives exist, but one is, Ctrl+click the notes you want to turn off and then disable playback for all at once. Also see the right click Select menu for options to select notes fo a given voice in a given range, etc.

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Thanks! I've attached the score.

I tacitly assumed I was clicking on something wrong...because it seems like it's working for others.

So, then, I guess I was doing it right, which I did not expect.

Regarding doing notes one at a time. I am aware of the feature you mentioned. I just wanted to make sure, in the video, that there was no doubt about the fact that those notes were correctly selected, correctly made not to play, and yet they play.

But thanks for the note...

I appreciate your help!

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Hi Marc, thanks for this clarification, I was having a similar problem with the cue staffs playing sound when I didn't want them to. Would it be possible in a future update for the "play" box to be visible in the part score rather than just the main score? This had been troubling me for quite a while.
Thanks again!

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