• Jul 17, 2020 - 13:32

So… I have a freaky error/glitch to report…

I recently got notified that a friend of mine commented on an old score of mine, but their comment confused me at first. They asked “Why is the Snare Drum screaming?!”

Of course, I listened through the score and made no progress on figuring out what he meant. So I reached out to him to find out what he meant, and he sent me THE ATTACHED AUDIO, ORIGINALLY A .MOV FILE TAKEN FROM THE iOS MUSESCORE APP.

After some more digging, I also found that the Snare Drum ALSO screams when a score is downloaded as a MIDI file from the MuseScore 3 Program. Kinda freaky! Soooo, yeah.

GermannDude05 Productions

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Century Anew MIDI.mid 3.27 KB


I'm not sure why it happens, but it only seems to occur with the marching snare. If you switch it to the concert snare, it seems to work fine. It not a perfect fix, but hopefully it helps.

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