User Line Spacing for text elements

• Jul 15, 2020 - 16:31

I suggest adding a text Line Spacing value box to the inspector.
Typical presets would be 1.0 (MuseScore's default), 1.25, 1.5, 0.75, but user should be able to set an arbitrary value.

Currently, MuseScore takes the line spacing value from font metrics and that's it.
It should be relatively easy to add a simple multiplier to that value.

The image below shows a mockup of this functionality.
inspector text spacing mockup.jpg

This would mimic how line spacing is done in most word processors, including "line spacing" in Google Docs (see reference below). Other applications such those from Adobe call this "Leading".

(I suggest this over other approaches that would allow setting line spacing in pt, sp or other units because they would add unnecessary complexity against the simpler solution, i.e. the spacing value would need to be edited after changing the font size, among other complications. A multiplying factor seems easier in both implementation and usage).


Great suggestion, and I'm glad it was implemented. I use this feature frequently (still on v.3.6.2.x). Seems they have not ported it to v.4, unfortunately. In v.3.x, the field is called "Line spacing", which can be seen by floating the mouse pointer over it in the Inspector. I have not found any occurrence of the the string "line spacing" in either the v.3 and v.4 user manuals.

If it has been moved someplace other than Properties in v.4, I hope someone here can point me to it. And if any insiders (Marc?) can advise as to whether porting to v.4.x is planned, I'd appreciate that too.

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