Fretboard placement changes when uploaded to

• Jul 14, 2020 - 19:12


Not sure if this is something for the issue tracker or if it's related...

Here goes:

  1. For 'Style' settings, see picture below.

    image 1.JPG

  2. Effect in MuseScore (b5add95) and also desired effect set in 'Style' settings - distance is correct.

    image 2.JPG

  3. After upload to distance changes.

    image 3.JPG

"Workaround" is to increase fretboard offset greatly in MS3 to get proper distance when uploaded but that causes layout issues in MS3.

Note that step 2 is fine when exporting to PDF, it is just when uploaded to .com issue presents itself.

Anyone that has a tip or is this something for the issue tracker?


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.com doesn't use beta-software to render scores, but the latest stable release (3.4.2)
And as you can see, the difference is due to the different versions:

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