Request the ability to rearrange newly created time signatures

• Jul 5, 2020 - 23:15

In the Master Palette, I can create time signatures and they will appear in the box to the left. But, I'd like there to be the ability to move each cell so I can arrange the time signatures in some logical fashion. That way it would be easier to find the appropriate time signature.


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That what I thought until it didn't work. I'd click on a time signature, try to move it with the mouse, and then a red circle with a diagonal line appears next to the mouse cursor/ time signature. Selecting the time signature and using up-down-left-right arrows also doesn't work. How do I reshuffle the palette items?
ALSO: Right-clicking on a time signature and clicking on "Properties" does nothing since the properties of it are already open in the rightmost window (Create Time Signature and Note Groups).

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I'm using the Master Palette and I don't see three dots anywhere on this dialog, nor an option that says "Enable Editing". Perhaps you're talking about the dockable palettes which I don't use because they're distracting and take up space in my smallish monitor. Let me check this, I will edit soon.

EDIT: Okay, I checked View>Palettes to enable the docking palette. When you mouse over "Time Signature", that's when the three dots appear. Clicking on the three dots reveals that "Enable Editing" is indeed checked.
My system is OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: b5add95

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I must read more carefully. Especially the first sentence of a post.

I don't think that rearrangement of the master pallet is possible other than by deleting and recreating in the order you want. The master pallet is really only intended as a "store" for elements that can be transferred to the dockable pallets. To quote the handbook "Except for the Symbols section (below), it is not usual to add items directly to the score from the Master palette: use the workspace palettes instead. "

There is discussion whether the master pallet is needed now that we have the ability to hide things in the dockable palettes

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UPDATE: I can see that in the docked palette, the Time Signatures work like I wanted. I wanted that in the Master Palette but apparently the Master Palette is being discontinued, so the function was not programmed into it. I didn't know about the function being in the docking palette because as I've said, I don't use it. But seems like now, I have no choice but to use it if I want to a more efficient workflow. So what I will be doing is to treat the dockable palette as a master palette by pressing F9 to use it, and F9 to disappear it when I'm done selecting a palette item. It will take me a while to get used to a dockable palette standing there giving me looks.

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"apparently the Master Palette is being discontinued" I hope you didn't get that impression from my post. What I actually said was "There is discussion whether the master pallet is needed now that we have the ability to hide things in the dockable palettes".

As far as I am aware that is all there is - discussion. The discussion I saw was as a side issue in a fairly recent thread but which I can't now find. I am sure if there is a serious proposal to do away with the master palette the discussion will become more prominent and you can make the case for keeping it.

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That's a good idea, so what I did was to undock the whole thing, expand all groups, and resize the window so everything is laid out flat, taking up at most three or four horizontal lines. That way I can find something quick and get it. The scroll bar makes it easy to move up or down, and unlike the master palette it can be resized real small or flat as conditions require. So this is what I'll be using from now on: The palettes, undocked, resized, fried, and laid to the side. And a pickle maybe.

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