Errors when playing back score

• Jun 29, 2020 - 05:33

Many times I will play something back, then click somewhere else on the score while it is still in play mode. Musecore is inconsistent. Ideally it should always allow me to jump somewhere else immediately while it is playing back. Sometimes it does this, which I love, but sometimes I have to stop playback, click on the section I want to play, then hit play again.

Also if I change the tempo in tempo percent in the playback panel or whatever the name is if I change the speed WHILE it's playing there are problems. Speed it up and instead of going from 100% to 200% it'll zoom through that measure and maybe the next before playing back at the right speed. Problems with slowing down as well.

I'm assuming I'm not the first to complain of these things but someone needs to fix it because they're literally the biggest problems with the software.


Did you turn off "pan score automatically? on the toolbar? Should work fine with that disabled. Otherwise, it's normal/correct that you can't position the score anywhere else,

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I recently downloaded the recent update for MuseScore 3.5 but the playback issue still remains with regards to it getting stuck. You can skip to 27 seconds in to the youtube link. When my mouse hovers and remains over the notes I am actually clicking on them even if the blue stripe associated with playback doesn't jump over. I think what may be happening in the scores is that I will play it back, then pause it, I edit and move a note's pitch, then hit play again. After I hit play again when I try and click on a different part of the score it won't play that section.

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