Computer CRASHES

• Jun 27, 2020 - 17:00

I have been using Musescore on my PC for 2 years. I recently had my computer geeks install a "Peace of Mind" program to keep it working (remotely) without malware, virus, etc. Since that download I am unable to use my Musecore program. It CRASHES the PC. I can use it for only a few minutes, then speed of Musescore slows way down and the computer crashed soon afterward. Currently, my geeks have had my PC in their shop and cannot figure what it wrong. Of course those young fellows are not using the program to bring on the CRASH. The computer goes to a blue screen with a message, then turns off, if I try to restart back into will not load. Needs time to recuperate.
I offered the geeks my time in their shop to use the program and bring on the trouble so they can diagnose the problem...they are hesitating because of Covid-19.....but because I know the program, they have made exceptions.
I do not know what the specific details are that the geeks did to my computer. From your you know what could be the trouble? I hope to work with them today to diagnose my trouble.
For all you computer technicians.....I use the term, "geek" in the most respectful manner. Just trying to speed up my typing.
Please and so many thanks!


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