MIDI file not played correctly on Kawai CN37 piano

• Jun 26, 2020 - 02:42

This is a little obscure, but:
The attached MIDI file is the last few bars of Muszynski flute duet Op. 34 no. 1. I exported it muting the upper voice (flute 1) so that I can play with the lower voice ("music minus one" style). The Kawai CN37 piano plays everything correctly through the quarter note E in measure 4. It then cuts off abruptly and does not play the tied half note in the last measure. If the procedure is repeated but without muting, it plays everything correctly. Windows Media Player plays correctly, regardless of muting. This seems to point to the piano as the source of the problem, but it might occur with other MIDI instruments; I don't have any for comparison.

For reference, the attached files are:
test_case.mscz = the original MuseScore file
test_case.mid = exported with both voices active
test_case m.mid = exported with upper voice muted.

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test_case.mscz 7.87 KB
test_case.mid 266 bytes
test_case m.mid 244 bytes


If I load the MIDI files into MuseScore, they look as I expect. And the fact that Windows Media Player plays them ok suggests the problem is with the Kawai, does it not? I would suggest reporting it to them.

Thanks, Mark S for looking at it. Further investigation:

  1. the Kawai firmware needed to be updated, but installing the latest firmware did not produce any change in the behavior.
  2. A new test case which includes ONLY the flute 2 part plays correctly. This case and its midi file are attached. The problem has to do with muting, and may still be with Kawai rather than MuseScore. But this test case gives me a way to do what I want, with just a little added effort.

I have no experience with MIDI commands, so I don't know how to compare the actual MIDI commands in test_case_m.mid with those in test_case_fl2)only.mid. But that might be useful.

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test_case_fl2_only.mid 201 bytes
test_case_fl2_only.mscz 5.55 KB

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