How to make upper note in cord Voice 1 and lower note in cord Voice 2

• Jun 15, 2020 - 22:22

Starting with a piece of scanned piano music that includes cords of two notes in the treble clef and cords of two notes in the bass clef. I want to split these into four parts (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) but all of the notes are captured in Musescore as part 1 (blue). I see that I can add staves for the four parts and use the Explode function to split parts, or the selection filter to copy voices but I first need to separate them so that Musescore can identify different voices. In or to do this, it seems that I need to be able to make all the top notes in the treble clef Part 1, the bottom notes in the treble clef part 2, the top notes in the bass clef Part 3 and the bottom notes in the bass clef Part 4. Is there a way to easily do this without having to copy and paste in a new clef and delete all of the unwanted notes or having to select and set the part for each note? Thanks,


I think : your 2 staves are linked (piano) so, first create 2 news staves to 'un-linked" them . Choose for exemple 2 staves og guitare or flute. In the first copy the treeble stave, in the 2nd copy the bass stave. Delete the original piano. If necessary change key (G or F) and change octave (CTRL+up or down arrow).
enter 2 emty staves for the first stave (treeble voices) move them to have the treeble stave and just behind the 2 staves . Do the same for the 2nd stave, enter 2 empty staves . So, you have 6 staves , 1 for the 2 treeble voices, 2 empty staves, 1 for the 2 bass voices, 2 empty staves.
Use explode for the 1, your 2 treeble voices go to stave 2 and 3. The same explode for the stave 4 , for stave 5 and 6. Delete 1 and 4. You have your 4 voices, change instrument for soprano, alto.......

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