Suggestion: Have voice-selection in note entry select an element in that voice to allow left/right

• Jun 15, 2020 - 20:17
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

Observation: When entering into Note-Entry, a ChordRest element is selected. So for example if no element is active in a particular measure and N is pressed, the guessed element will be selected in addition to the note-entry highlighter being activated for entry. The selected element allows the user to press left/right to traverse elements while in note entry mode.

However, if the user switches voices while in note entry mode, there is no new selection of that particular voice's elements if there be any (often there is no voice information yet so there's no element to select). It's not too much of an issue, since odds are the user will be entering a note or rest at that exact position of the note entry, but not necessarily. An example is shown when for instance the user might want to get to the next chord-rest after a triplet coming in from the beginning of note-entry:

1) Insert note entry
2) Switch to voice 2
3) Intention: move a beat over to insert some notes
The point is that the right arrow to move over will switch over to voice-1 again because no voice-2 element is selected upon step 2)

I'm suggesting that voice-2 actually have a selected element when switching to voice-2 (or any voice for that matter of course). In this instance, it makes sense, imho, to allow for it rather than keeping voice-1's element selected, but might there be reasons for not doing this generally speaking?

(I'm not changing voices back and forth, I'm merely pressing "right arrow" and the voice switches back to voice one):



I agree this is often desirable; I run into it occasionally myself. But I do worry a little there is some user case I am not thinking of. I mean, I guess if the user switching voices then hits Up or some other shortcut that affects the current note, maybe somehow he expects it to affect the one he just entered. But why change voices first? Anyhow, that would be the only thing holding me back from recommending the change.