Cannot grab floating element in score

• Jun 14, 2020 - 12:23

I encoutered a strange behaviour in two different times (image attached), where a sudden element is "floating" in the score. I cannot seem to grab it in order to inspect, reposition or delete.
I can send the original score at request.
In stance 1 - a floating fermata,
In stance 2 - a floating "prima volta" line.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Note - it does not appear in the final extracted PDF, oddly enough.

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I don't see the problem from your image in that score

Well, I do see a stray fermata and Shoichi's trick fixed that

The attached also removes all spacers and uses a text frame rather than a negative height vertical frame for that text at the end. Your attempts to outsmart MuseScore's placements doesn't seem to result in a good layout

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Adon Olam SAB_0 (1).mscz 30.85 KB

Thanks for the quick replies!
I was able to select sumilar elements, which enabled me to delete them all and re-enter them.
How is it optional to use that to grab just the one?

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